Monday, February 03, 2014

February Goals

January flew by!  I am one month closer to being a college graduate-- good thing y'all can't see my knees shaking-- and I am continually looking for jobs. January definitely kept me very busy. But looking back on my goals list shows me that it was filled with lots of encouragement, goal planning and joy!

January Goals
work through Lara Casey's Goal Setting series | Took my merry ole time but I finally finished the series and am looking forward to sharing my vision for 2014 soon!

continue working on my personal goals for 2014 | I am not completely finished with digging deep to uncover these yet... 
be completely transparent and honest while working through my set of PowerSheets Definitely being completely honest!

begin working on some lovely paper products | I am so excited to begin sharing these with y'all soon! Check out my first handmade print here.
keep practicing Adobe programs | I'm learning! Anddd I set up tutoring sessions with a sweet friend in graphic design :)

work on my new website, YAY! | I am so excited about this one! I am can't wait to debut my new brand and a name that reflects who I am and what I want my business to stand for!

DAILY quiet time in The Word and my journal | So... I am not a morning person. No matter how hard I try I can't drag my butt out of my warm, cozy covers to have morning quiet time. I finally embraced this fact and have started having evening quiet times. Any other night owls out there??

dance around my room to music daily | Done and done!

go on more friend dates | SLACKEDD on these majorly, sorry friends. I'll try again in February...

SIMPLIFY | I simplified a few things in my life this month including my email, to-do/goal lists, my closet and my hair!
continue to BE PRESENT | still trying to spend meaningful time with the people around me who matter most!

volunteer and serve at a local charity | Yes and yes. I have started volunteering at the special needs preschool where my sister teaches and I LOVE IT! I have been a swim coach for 8 summers in a row and the past three summers I have taught a little girl with Down syndrome how to swim. I understand the love, patience, encouragement in teaching special needs children and I adore seeing others that possess the talent and love necessary.

February Goals
     Continue with my Contentment Challenge of not buying new clothes

     Daily quiet times with my journal, bible and in prayer

     Finish 2014 goals
     Write letters to friends

     Set a date for rebranding launch!

     Create more :)

     Set aside intentional time with friends

     Being prayerful throughout my job search

May this month be filled with lots of love, laughter and friends. Oh and did anyone tally up the number of times I said the word love in this post? :) Happy Month of Love!
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