Friday, February 07, 2014

A North Carolina Snow

I love snow! It is definitely the only positive thing about cold winter weather. I think snow is magical because it can bring out the child inside almost anyone! So when the snow started falling (and sticking) in Raleigh, I made sure to run around my house and ask my roommates to come outside and play!
We ended up running around the neighborhood for a while and it was great to see so many other college students doing the same! The next morning, with my sister and her pug in tow, we headed to the art trails at the Art Museum to go sledding. Attempt one was on a storage bin lid.... so after two sled purchases later we were all set!Love these action sledding shots of Emily!

Ava, the pug, was a diva as usual! But we made sure she was wrapped in a blanket before going on a few sled rides... :)

NC State students have the best snow day tradition. A HUGE group of students head to the Court of Carolina for a school-wide snowball fight! This picture is of the aftermath when most students had retreated to warm-up with hot chocolate.
Later my roommates and I made delicious snow cream and snuggled in with hot chocolate. Snow days are good for the heart! What is your favorite part about snow days?
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