Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday

Goodness friends I haven't linked up for Five on Friday in such a long time! I'd say it's about time to join the lovely ladies again. Linking up with ChristinaDarciApril, and Natasha for my favorites from this week!

{one} Simplifying my life is something I am focusing on this year! Cleaning out my closet was LONG overdo. My process for this was anything I haven't worn in the last month or two months gets donated. I have challenged myself to not buy any new pieces of clothing, my own version of the contentment challenge.
{two} This gorgeous calendar caught my eye in Anthro a few weeks ago. I LOVED the image of the derby on the front and once I saw all the beautiful images it contained I just had to have it. The 2014 Travel America Calendar from Rifle Paper Co. highlights iconic images around our beautiful nation and i jsut so happens that I have only been to the first five places listed... coincidence? Maybe but I cant wait to travel to the other 7!
{three} I am in the beginning stages of my PowerSheets journey and they are nestled in my beautiful Simplified Life Binder, that I talk about here. This process has been a very revealing, brutally honest process. I am working through Lara Casey's Goal Setting Series and.... it's tough. God keeps revealing to me "Fear not for I am with you," Isaiah 41:10. It is so hard to give over control but goodness, I have to just trust that His plans are A MILLION times better than any plans I could every dream up!
{four} A perfect reminder as I begin many new adventures! Print by Mandy Cave Watercolor.
{five} STILL reeling over this experience of a lifetime! If any of y'all follow along you know I love two animals very, very dearly... Newfoundland dogs and manatees. During my Christmas break I had the privilege of swimming with the gentle wild manatees in Crystal River! See all my pictures here :) Warning they are so cute your heart will melt!
Happy Weekend from my manatee friends and I!
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  1. That calendar is gorgeous - I loveeee all Rifle paper goods and road trips and America, so clearly I need it for myself, ha. It looks like a lot of the pictures could be framed after the year is up too, which is always a plus. Your binder looks great! I have been seeing so much about these power sheets lately - they sound awesome!

    1. SO funny!! I am going to frame the pictures from the calendar for a cool travel wall! :) great minds think alike!