Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day DIY

Happy Valentine's Day! I love Valentine's day because it is a day where you can show all the important people in your life how much them mean to you! But shouldn't everyday be Valentine's Day? I am such a gifter. I adore giving gifts! It's so fun to surprise people with a little something. Whether it's a handwritten note, or a cake-pop from a Starbucks run or even a pretty gold rim tea cup find!

This Valentine's Day I decided to make a little book for my roommates filled with "Reasons You Are Loved." Who doesn't need a little daily reminder that you are dearly loved by friends and a Heavenly Father!

What you will need:
Blank Notebooks
Pretty 8x8 Scrapbook Paper
Washi Tape
Gold Paint pen
A Bible

For this DIY, I found most of the supplies in the Dollar Bins at Target! I started with blank teaching books and then covered them with 8x8 pretty paper also from the Dollar Bins. I used washi to seal the paper edges to the books also from.... yep, the Target Dollar Bins! Then I wrote my sweet friends names on the front in gold ink!

On the first page in the book I wrote "Reasons Why You Are Loved" and then added a little Valentines Day note underneath.

I filled their books with words I think best describes who they are and also a bible verse or quote to go along with the word! My roommates are my closest friends and I couldn't have had more fun filling their books with encouraging words and verses:) 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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