Sunday, October 13, 2013

New York City: Day Three

On our third day in the City, Katie {my friend we are staying with} walked us around West Village, Meat Packing District, Chelsea and SoHo. We took the 6 train downtown to 14th street Union Station and from there we walked to Washington Square Park.
This park is so beautiful and has been featured in many movies... It is surrounded by NYU's campus and it is where we saw the first glimpse of One World Trade Center.
West Village is a beautiful walk...There were so many dog boutiques that even had puppies for sale in the window!
The High Line is incredible and a must see if you visit lower Manhattan. It is an old railway that was recreated into an above ground park! It is a beautiful place to stroll on a pretty day.
Love these girls!
When we left the High Line we headed to Chelsea Market... Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures because I was to busy smelling all the INCREDIBLY amazing fresh food smells. They had fresh cheeses, breads, pasta, spices, cupcakes, seafood, donuts and the list could just go on and on.  After we left the market we headed to SoHo to do some shopping! Emily and I both had saved up for one expensive item on the trip... hers at Kate Spade and mine at Frye or Tory Burch.
The boots were all so gorgeous... it was a hard decision to walk away. C Wonder is also such a fun store, full of pink, green, gold and monograms... can't go wrong with that!
I ended up investing in a pair of black and gold Tory Burch flats! I decided they would be more worth while than another pair of boots:) and Emily purchased a beautiful gold bow ring from Kate Spade.
We celebrated with a HUGEE piece of pumpkin spice cake with maple cream cheese frosting {devoured it to quickly to take a picture}... hoping to visit the Little Cupcake Bakeshop again before we leave!
Katie took us to a delicious restaurant for dinner, The Smith. It was such a southern comfort food place... Em and I split fried green beans and a massive chicken pot pie. Also if that doesn't sell this place... they have a photo-booth downstairs... yep perfect restaurant. 


  1. Y'all really squeezed in lots of fun stuff into your trip! I am so jealous you got to visit Hillsong! Glad the trip was a success and I love your new shoes! xo

    1. We really did try to get everything in!! Hillsong was incredible! If you and Matt get to go see Ann, I would definitely make sure you could get to a service on Sunday :) and goodness I am so in love with my shoes!! They were the only thing I bought so I didn't feel toooo bad about it haha