Friday, October 25, 2013

Five on Friday

Joining Christina {here}, April {here}, Natasha {here} and Darci {here} for the weekly Five on Friday link-up! 
{one} I'm going to be a Second Cousin y'all!! It sounds silly but the Jones side of my family is so close. We are lucky that all of the cousins are in roughly a 15 year age range {33 to 19}. Growing up our families would go to the North Carolina coast every summer for vacation as well as have annual holiday gatherings at Grandmom and Granddads. I love how close all us cousins are to each other and how we feel we can call or visit each other whenever! Last week the family received the most exciting news from the oldest cousin Matt, who is married to Christina of Carolina Charm, that they are having a baby!! AHHH I couldn't be more excited!! The news came in the sweetest form of Grandmom finding out...
{two}Does anyone remember Phantom?! When I was little we would take a Phantom with a cute little rhyme on it and a bag full of Halloween goodies and spread the spook around the neighborhood! Otherwise known as the only acceptable time to run around in all black at night and ding-dong-ditch much fun! This past weekend when I was home I was able to babysit the sweet Johnson kids. When I was brainstorming something fun for us to do, Phantom came to mind! I headed to the store and loaded up on fun things like glow sticks and of course... mustaches!
 Needless to say the mustaches were a hit!
   The kids and I had such a great time! It's always fun to run around and act like a kid :)
{three} Updating a blog is an all consuming task! I love decorating and am a little bit of a perfectionist so I find myself trying to make improvements whenever I can. This week I worked on the logo, getting rid of the pixel look and centering it! I also made a new pin it button and will be working on a blog signature in the next week. Lets just say I definitely enjoy working on the blog more than my building pile of school work.
{four} The State Fair is in town! This is the absolute symbol of fall in the Raleigh area. My roommates and I are lucky enough to live so close to the fair grounds that we can hear the 10 minutes of fireworks everyyyy nighttt from 9:45 to 9:55.... but other than that, I love the fair!
{five} This week was the Making Things Happen conference in Chapel Hill! This inspiring conference was created by the oh so talented Lara Casey and Emily Ley. While I in no way had the funds to be able to attend the conference, I was able to follow along on instagram and twitter with #mthconference. These women are incredibly inspiring... fear is something that drives our lives and unfortunately prevents a lot of people from pursuing what they love.

Fear is something that has followed me all of my life, especially during creating this blog. Fear told me I was not good enough, interesting enough or creative enough to be able to create a successful blog. I often feel inadequate in the blogging world as there are so so many blogs out there that are very similar. I want to stand out in this crazy blogging world and show whoever comes to my site who I truly am. Being transparent, that's what I am aiming for!
Y'all, I have such big dreams for this blog and my life in general! Making Things Happen is all about conquering your fears and pushing yourself to reach your goals today, not tomorrow. We all have something standing in our way of that illusive goal, why not move it out of the way today!
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Have a Fall filled weekend :)


  1. just started following you!! Love the blog and love the new logo- that video is precious! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. aw sweet video!!!

    can't wait to follow along :)

  3. Updating/trying to figure out blogging is all consuming! I'm a "recovering" perfectionist so I completely understand. There is always something I want to change and/or add. It's never ending, but kinda fun at the same time! Just found you blog, love it!