Thursday, October 17, 2013

New York City: Day Four

Somehow the Sunday day post was deleted and it was a day definitely worth posting about! Our Sunday in New York City was definitely one of my absolute favorites. Our day started out with going to Hillsong Church. If you know anything about this church you know that it is a MEGA church and that almost all other churches use the worship songs Hillsong wrote. However, this church is incredible in another way as well. When you walk up to the venue people welcome you to Church, not Hillsong, or Hillsong United, or Hillsong Church... just church. I was so refreshing to see a mega church not try to brand themselves with their name but focus on what truly matters. We also sang one of my favorite worship songs, "When Feet May Fail," you can listen to it {here}
After an incredible God filled service we went out into the City to spill over His love. Emily and I decided to head to Brooklyn today to eat amazing pizza and walk the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. We took the 4 train downtown from Union Square Station to Fulton Street... from there we transferred to the downtown A train and got off on High Street and walked down towards the water with incredible views welcoming us.

Grimaldi's pizza already had a line down the block for their famous coal brick oven pizza. 
 The view of One World Trade Center was spectacular
 We decided to have lunch at another famous pizza place, Ignazio's... and yes we ate the WHOLE THING!
 In the left corner of this picture you can see lady liberty, which we get to see because the state of New York decided to pay to keep her open while the government is shutdown!
 Walking the bridge was an incredible experience. You hear so many different languages along the walk and the views leave you speechless!
 You can see Empire State in the picture below!
 Being an Engineer, Emily was amazed by the civil engineering feat that the bridge stands for.
 After we crossed into Manhattan we explored the financial district a little bit.
 We found a really neat park/memorial. It was the Irish Hunger Memorial, all the stone and plants were from Ireland! Who knew you could visit the Irish countryside in New York City?!

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