Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quick and Easy Chicken Fried Rice

It has been one of those days when I needed a quick and easy meal! Tuesdays I play flag football with two of my roommates and it is at that awkward time when its a little to early for dinner but if you don't eat before the game....not good! Solution?... Chicken fried rice
  Thaw 1/2 cup of frozen peas and carrots
 Cut chicken breast into small pieces and cook in soy sauce in a frying pan
  Sautee in carrots and peas once chicken is fully cooked
  Add in rice and a splash more of soy sauce, I have found that day old rice works best
Serve with soy sauce and japanese white sauce {also called Yum-Yum sauce}
Enjoy this super easy and delicious meal!
 Here are a few pictures from the flag football game :)
 Love Em oh so much!!
Just keeping it real... y'all I was a swimmer which equals no running ability haha {dinosaur arms}
 Yupp I totally thought I was catching that one haha not quite
I love these girls (missing Rossi) so blessed to live with them

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  1. Yumm! I shouldn't have read this so close to bedtime because now I'm hungry again haha

    Rachel Emma
    Daydream Frenzy