Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday

I am so sorry I missed last weeks five on friday post! I was enjoying my drive home from Raleigh and made a few pit-stops along the way. This week was my TWENTY-FIRST birthday y'all!! I had such an amazing birthday and I am so thankful for everyone who made it so special :)
{one}With fall being in the air it is only natural that the smell of pumpkin is as well! My sweet roommate Rossi got me a delicious smelling candle from Bath and Body Works. It fills the whole house! If you haven't checked out Bath and Body Works candles you definitely should.
{two}Being brave... such a hard task to do. I can't speak for everyone but I know I am sometimes most of the time afraid people will make fun of me if I act silly or just have fun.  Sara Bareilles' "Brave" is a song I have begun to play over and over again while dancing (flailing) around in my room. It is so important for everyone to feel confident in themselves. To feel like you ARE smart enough... funny enough... pretty enough... brave enough and ultimately GOOD enough for anything you set your mind to... "I wanna see you be BRAVE!" 
{three}I love this long sleeve I purchased from The Collection Boutique! Long-sleeves are my daily wardrobe once the weather cools off... with a vest and boots of course. "The tea is sweet and the accents are sweeter... The South" {here}

{four} MY 21st BIRTHDAY! I lucked out this year with the day of my birthday... it just so happened to fall on an ESPN Thursday night football game for NC State! My parents are the greatest and worked so hard to find tickets and a parking pass so they could have a tailgating birthday party. My girls and I even caught ourselves a golf-cart on the way to the tailgate!
My neighbor owns an ice sculpting business{here}... so naturally my parents got one for my birthday?! crazzyy
Birthday crowns are a must :)
Missing my little brother Casey!
Two of my favorite people, Matt Powell the notorious P in wolfPack & of course my lil man Jake came for the game!
Find Matt again below!!
 Y'all my name made it on the big screen!! See it there on the bottom!!
So thankful I get to share life with my sister this year... so nice to be close together again!
It was an incredible game but unfortunately we were beat by the referees....
{five}I got to go out with my favorite girls tonight for a birthday dinner! We went to the amazing Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar... Y'all, the food is incredible & so clever but the atmosphere is what makes it! They have locations in Charlotte {which Christina recommended} and Raleigh, NC.
 The Cowfish restaurant in Raleigh has a fish tank from the Animal Planet show Tanked!
My Bento box creation: a slider burger, sweet potato fries, grilled vegetables, edamame, andd the Mark sushi roll. 
An evening with my girls was a necessity! We definitely need to get out together more :)
Hope y'all have a great weekend!


  1. Happy Birthday!! Looks like you had lots of wonderful birthday celebrations!

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