Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Manatee of a Time

Friends I have a confession... I LOVE MANATEES! I have always adored these sweet gentle giants. While on a trip in the Florida Keys two summers ago, I made sure to take pictures with as many "manatees" as I could. Luckily, one manatee swam up to greet me at a restaurant's dock!
Today... I got to accomplish one of my lifelong dreams. Today... I got to swim with the manatees! My family attempted to swim with them back when I was in high school but we were unfortunately stormed out. However, this year was different. My family journeyed down to Florida after Christmas solely to swim with these gentle giants. We booked a group tour with Captain Mike's Sunshine River Toursdonned our wet suits and ventured out into Crystal River. 
The manatees flock to Crystal River in the winter months due to the river's warm natural springs. When I say warm, I mean 72ish degrees. Regardless of the temperature, I was one of the first in the water and one of the last to get out! The manatees just seemed to know how much I love them because they immediately found me! :)
This one was having the best time chewing on the anchor line.
If this manatee could talk he would say, "Who me? You love me? Aw shucks..."
They kept getting closer and closer and closer! They just wanted their bellies rubbed :)
These are some of my favorites. Taylor took a few pictures of me with a baby manatee! Cue heart-melting.
Needless to say, swimming with the manatees is a memory I will cherish forever. So sorry for the overload of manatee pictures, they are just as cute as buttons! 
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  1. I am the same way about sea turtles and alligators... I think I'll avoid a swimming experience with the gators though! Your pictures are great and it looks like y'all had such a good time!