Friday, November 01, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy First Day of November :) Joining in for another Friday linkup with the lovely ladies!
{one} While I was in New York City. I only made one BIG material purchase! I saved up for this trip and spent my money mostly on food an a few attractions like a Broadway musical and the Statue of Liberty. My big purchase was a pair of gorgeous Tory Burch flats:) I try to wear them at any and every opportunity I get! I was able to talk myself into buying them by telling myself they are a great job interview and professional shoe.
{two} I have acquired two prints from two women who greatly inspire me... Emily Ley and Lara Casey... I know I talk about them often but that is only because of how much encouragement I have received from following these two God-fearing women! You can find the Emily Ley "It is well" print {here} and the Lara Casey/Southern Weddings "The South is Where Love Family & Tradition are the Sugar in our Tea" print {here}. 
I wasn't sure what kind of frame I wanted for these gorgeous gold foil prints until I spotted these natural wood frames in HomeGoods! I'll be sure to post about the lovely frames next week when I decide where to hang them in my room :)
 {three}I LOVE beautiful stationery! I buy all of my stationery at Marshalls, TJ Maxx or HomeGoods. They have such great choices and something always catches my eye. This week it was beautiful emerald and gold foil calligraphy thank you notes...swoon... They just had Southern Weddings and Lara Casey written all over them!
{four}I knoww I already posted beautiful shoes once already but I scored these super cute leopard loafers at Target! What can I say? I am a girl who loves her flats and boots, you can find them {here}
{five} Dogs in Halloween costumes... need I say more? This cutie is my sisters black pug Ava who happens to also be a Halloween baby! She turned two yesterday so of course we dressed her up as a bumblebee and she was thrilled haha :) Taylor decided she wanted to be a bee too!
Hope y'all had a Happy Halloween!


  1. Love your prints, they are beautiful!! Gotta love dressing the pets up for Halloween :)

  2. I have had my eyes on those Tory Burch flats for quite sometime and the Target ones are adorable as well! Happy Friday!

  3. Loving this stationary! Anything with metallic is an instant win in my book!

  4. Oh I love those TB flats!!! Those thank you cards are adorable!

  5. Just found your blog through Midwestern Charm! LOVE! I dream of the day I can over Tory Burch shoes, and I'm loving those prints. Can't wait to read more! xox

  6. How cute are those Target shoes! Love them!

  7. I also wanted my babe to be a bumble for Halloween! We decided she would eat it in less than 5 minutes and the $9 could better be spent on more candy for muah ;)