Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wedding Wednesdays: Southern Weddings Volume 6

Today my post is dedicated to the lovely, talented ladies of Southern Weddings! On Tuesday, which just so happened to be 11.12.13, they released volume six of the Southern Weddings magazine. Hoorayyy! I can't even explain in words how incredibly beautiful this magazine is. The story behind Lara Casey's creation of Southern Weddings is so humbling and inspirational... but this is so much more than any ole wedding magazine. Southern Weddings is rooted in the true meaning behind a weddings, love, family, traditions and most importantly the Lord. "We Love because He first Loved us." 1 John 4:19
This incredible cover shot is by the talented Ryan Ray and the only thing to make it even better is that they are a real married couple! Ahhh no staged couple here!! Read about the cover on the Southern Weddings Blog. The Song of the South shoot is one of my absolute favorites. It was taken by the Raleigh based Nancy Ray Photography, whose work behind a camera is truly breathtaking.
Y'all one of my favorite bloggers was featured in V6!! Victoria at Happily Ever Strader gave her humbling advice for couples to make decisions as a we rather than an I.
Kate at The Small Things Blog, another Raleigh native, is the lovely lady behind pretty much all of the hair tutorials on Pinterest! I love her advice about not setting people up for failure. This goes for so much more than just married couples!
This spread of dogs in bowties, bows and flowers melts my heart! I love the idea of ALL the family members being there for your special day :)
I can't CONTAIN my excitement for this launch party!! I will be sure to try and remember to take pictures between my gawking at all the people in the wedding industry I adore.
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