Sunday, November 17, 2013

Southern Weddings Magazine V6 Launch Party

So as I guessed... I was wayyy to excited/nervous to document the Southern Weddings Magazine V6 Launch party like a good blogger should. Needless to say, I didn't even hardly eat any of the amazing food either! Y'all, I was just so incredibly giddy with excitement to even think of doing anything other than, "Oh my goodness that's (fill in name here)!!" The ballroom at the Carolina Inn was sparkling with blue and silver everything! We were given awesome swag bags and they were filled with yet another SWV6 to add to my growing collection.. and there was a photo booth, HOORAY! 
Two of my favorite girls, Emily and Sidney, went with me to the party. We all had so much fun and I am so glad they were there to encourage me to talk to all of the people in the wedding industry I admire!
I had never been inside the lovely Carolina Inn before and it is just so gorgeous! As you can tell below, I was a bit excited:) Aren't those checkered floors to die for?!
 The Southern Weddings gals were looking glamorous in their Lula Kate blue and silver dresses! This picture was taken when they were all gathered around acting so giddy...but Lisa was missing anddd my friend Callie, who works for Nancy Ray Photography, was ready. I put two and two together and just knew gorgeous Lisa had gotten engaged!!! Eeeekkkk :)
A week before the Southern Weddings V6 launch, I sent Lara Casey a letter. I have wanted to write her for a while and thank her for all that she has indirectly done in my life. She has inspired me to push past my fears that I am not good enough or that my major stands in the way of my dreams. Her kind words flow over many forms of social media and they have blessed many other lives as well. Her faith in the Lord and her drive to be all that HE has called her to be is truly awe-inspiring.

As the evening wore on, I had yet to make my way up to Lara. She constantly had a line of people surrounding her and I did not want to inhibit her night of celebration in any way. Emily and Sidney kept encouraging me to make my way over to her but I was so nervous! Finally, as the night was coming to a close and Lisa had gotten engaged (YAYYYY!!), I found the courage to make my way over to her. When I introduced myself, I was not expecting any recognition because my name is so common...

However, Lara knew exactly who I was and she was so incredibly thankful for the letter I had sent her. I was shocked. I hope I didn't appear as shocked as I felt but I was so surprised that she remembered a letter from little ole me, a girl she had never met! 
Lara has the absolute kindest heart and I am so thankful that the Lord has placed her in a position where she can share her heart with so many others. Looking back on that night, I can't help but chuckle at how nervous I was to meet some of the sweetest women!
I am still finding blue and silver confetti around my room... Oh my stars! :)
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  1. So jealous that you got to go! It looked like so much fun :) And your dress was adorable. YOU are adorable! End of story! Thanks for posting this, sweet friend!

    1. Thanks lovely!! My dress was a Modcloth dress, the first I have ever gotten. It was such a good time :) It's so silly how nervous I was to talk to all those incredibly sweet ladies!