Saturday, November 23, 2013

How to Make an Instagram Widget

Being a do-it-yourself blogger, I have had to learn how to design my template using many tutorials. Lets just say HTML coding is not the easiest... This is an EASY tutorial on how to display your Instagram pictures in your sidebar! The site I use is Intagme and it is so simple to use. First type in your Username and then decide if you want a slideshow widget (like the one I have) or a grid widget like the one highlighted in the circle.
After you decide which widget you want, you need to set the width of the widget based on the width of your sidebar. You can find your width by going to Template>Customize>Adjust Widths. My widget is set to 220 and it also has no border or background color. Next click get code and copy the HTML code!
Go to your Layout page and click Add a Gadget. You will be adding the HTML/JavaScript gadget.
Add the HTML/JavaScript gadget.
A coding box will appear where you can paste your widget code.
If you want your widget to be centered add the code <div align="center"> before the code you pasted.
Move the Intagme widget where you want it in your sidebar and preview the layout!
Yayyy for displaying pretty Instagram pictures!
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  1. I'm also a DIY blogger. Everything I do happens in Powerpoint lol, this is much appreciated!