Tuesday, March 04, 2014

March Goals

Where on earth is this year going?! I can not believe it is March and that I am already over halfway through my last semester. February brought SO much snow, for North Carolina that is, and I loved every minute of it. Growing up in the South you learn to appreciate even the slightest dusting. But I am definitely ready for spring weather, green grass and fresh flowers! First let's look back at February...

February Goals
  Continue with my Contentment Challenge of not buying new clothes   post on this soon!
  Daily quiet times with my journal, bible and in prayer   I definitely did not do this daily but gradually getting better
  Finish 2014 goals   Done and done! Read my goals for 2014 here    
  Write letters to friends    Not as many as I would like but I'll get there
  Set a date for rebranding launch! 
  Create more :)    So EXCITED to share with y'all what I have been making
  Set aside intentional time with friends  
  Being prayerful throughout my job search    trusting that a great position is out there for me, now I just have to find it!

I have a tentative date set in my head for launching Morgan Alexandra but I still want everything to be together before I announce it! I also slacked on friend time this past month but it was short... so March will be better!

March Goals
Shoot two weddings with the lovely, talented Emily Payne of Emily March Photography! I was able to shoot one this past weekend and I just have the best time celebrating such a special day by taking pictures that people will cherish forever... And y'all, Emily is amazing!! I am loving learning from her :)

Attend the Emily Ley Playbook webinar! Can't wait to soak in everything I can from one of the bests in the paper business.

Write in my journal whether in between classes or on the bus, just write!

Set and announce an official launch date for Morgan Alexandra, YAYYYY

Continue with my personal contentment challenge of not buying new clothes. This will be so challenging with spring around the corner!

SAVE, SAVE & SAVE again! 

Send at least one letter a week to friends and family.

Stay positive and prayerful about job opportunities, knowing that HIS timing is perfect.

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