Friday, March 07, 2014

A New Lane

I have been a summer swim league coach for seven years. Yes, you read that right. For seven years, I have taught two-year-olds to 18-year-olds how to swim and how to swim correctly. I have been around water my entire life so it only seemed natural to have a job in the summer involving a pool, the sun and getting tan.

But coaching has always been so much more than a job to me. Coaching swimming is teaching a life saving skill that often falls to the wayside. Teaching kids how to swim or how to safely get out of the water is something I have always taken very seriously and am honored to have taught so many kids this life lesson. I love to see the pride in kids faces when they learn something new or when they make a best time in an event. 
My entire family has been involved in the swimming world for at least a decade, probably longer. The Lake Norman Swim League has had a Jones coach on every team except one! My brother, sister and I were all breaststroke swimmers. This is funny because my parents never wanted us to compete against each other in the same sport... andddd then we all chose the same event. Every summer at the league championship meet there is a coaches relay. Since Taylor, Casey and I coached on different teams and all swam breaststroke, we naturally always got to race each other! :)
With coaching and teaching swim lessons all throughout the summer, I practically lived in a one piece. But  I can't imagine having spent my summers any other way. Memories like seeing one of my sweet little girls who has Downs Syndrome swim her first lap or seeing another conquer fear of letting go, are memories I will cherish forever.
The older girls on the team also have a special place in my heart. I have loved seeing them grow in their confidence and step up into the role of leaders for the younger kids. 
This summer will be the first summer in seven years that I will not be a summer swim league coach. Goodness, that was harder to say than I thought. Coaching has been such an amazing opportunity for me to learn so many life skills that I will now put towards a career. It is scary not having the "safety net" of coaching but I am trusting in the Lord because I know that His plans are better than any I could make up on my own. 
I am thankful to all the families I have met through coaching and will forever cherish the memories. And I love that many of the kids I have taught still call me Coach Morgan.
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  1. Hey Morgan! That almost made me cry! When I think of summer league....I think of your smiling face and your amazingly positive attitude. This summer won't be the same without please come back and cheer on all your swimmers! :)
    -heather zucker

    1. Thank you Heather!! This mean so much to me. This was harder to write than I thought!! I love our team and I will most definitely come to visit you all and the kids if I can!!! Much love!