Monday, March 24, 2014

A Week of Pictures

Two weeks ago was my LAST spring break! I never went on a wild spring break that the movies and TV shows depict because that just is not me. I spent all of my spring breaks at home with my family sleeping in and catching up. This year I had the best time exploring three cities! While I am a girl who loves to sit in the sand and listen to the waves roll while reading a good book... I also love strolling city blocks. 

My break started with a weekend in the city I have lived in for four years, Raleigh! My mom and little brother came up for a weekend of flea and farmers markets, exploring the city and goooddd food. They tried to take the train up (multiple times in a two day span) but due to North Carolina's crazy weather of freezing rain to 70s and sunny... they ended up driving!
After exploring Raleigh, we headed home and later in the week went up to Asheville! If you have never been to this North Carolina mountain city I recommend it. It is such an interesting fun city, you never really know what you will see around the next corner!

Our first stop was White Duck Taco Shop. Any Mexican food has my name  A L L  O V E R  I T! It's a great little lunch place on the river and they have very unique tacos. I chose the Jamaican Jerk and BBQ tacos... DELICIOUS!
We then headed to the beautiful Grove Park Inn to sit in rocking chairs in front of huge fireplaces and enjoy the beautiful views!
We headed to another grand building after leaving the Grove Park... Biltmore Estates. Every time I see this house (mansion) it takes my breath away. I also like to pretend I am a part of Downton Abbey strolling the grounds dressed to the nines! :)
The Biltmore is the largest privately owned house in the United States and was completed in 1895 by George Washington Vanderbilt.
For the third city visit on my spring break, we headed to Charlotte for the St. Patrick's Day Festival! Charlotte is such a neat city and I loved seeing so many people out and about enjoying the sunshine and Irish brews. And in classic Morgan style... I found the largest fluffiest dog in Uptown, meet Avalanche a 160lb Great Pyrenees!
Goodness I am SO ready for the warm weather to be back... Bring on Spring!
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  1. I'm so ready for warm weather too! What a fun spring break!! I've never been to NC but it looks beautiful!