Monday, December 02, 2013

Apple Cider, Family, and Christmas Trees

Break time...Oh how I cherish breaks! I started this one off right... I decorated my little Christmas tree {and cleaned my room} before I left for break so it was glowing in my room when I got back! 
This was my family's first time EVER having Thanksgiving at home. My mom has never cooked a Thanksgiving meal at home because we are always at my dad's parent's house. This year was different but we made new traditions that I will cherish and my mom made an incredibly delicious meal.
The next day we went up to Boone, N.C. to What Fir Tree Farm to cut down a Christmas tree!
I love when we all are together! We spent plenty of time running around in the trees trying to find the perfect one. Did y'all know these trees only grow a foot a year?! Our beautiful 10ft tree has been growin' since I was 11!
I adore when my family is all together. We are completely dysfunctional and spontaneous but that's what I love the most about our time together! There is a picture below that my brother took and it is hysterical...
 Decorating our family Christmas tree is one of my favorite things about Christmas time. I love going through the HUGE box of handmade ornaments that Taylor, Casey, and I have made throughout the years.
 Any tips on how to photograph a black dog in the dark?? If only I could see her face...
Happy Christmas Decorating!
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  1. You got to go to a snowy Christmas tree farm? Jealous!

    1. It was the best timing! It was a snowy blizzard the day before but on the day we went it was just perfect tree pickin' weather :)

  2. That tree looks great!! Going to the Christmas Tree farms are always so much fun!